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  Breakfast Combinations*

  No. 1                          $3.75
  Two eggs, served with home
  fries, Texas toast, choice of
  sausage links, bacon or ham.

  No. 2                          $3.75
  Two eggs, served with a
  pancake and a choice of
  sausage, bacon or ham.

  No. 3                          $3.50
  One egg, served with home
  fries, Texas toast, choice of
  sausage, bacon or ham.

  No. 4                          $4.50
  Cheese-ham or Italian omelet,
  Grand Western omelet. All
  served with Texas toast.

  No. 5                          $3.75
  Three buttermilk pancakes
  with sausage, bacon or ham.

  No. 6                          $3.75
  Two French, Texas toast
  with sausage, bacon or ham.

  No. 7                          $3.75
  Croissant Breakfast, grilled
  croissant, egg, cheese and

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  Our Deluxe Sandwiches*

  Hot Sausage                  $3.75

  A generous portion topped
  with tomato sauce, onion
  and pepper strips.

  Quarter LB. Hot Dog    $2.50
  Our dog will never bark back.

  Chicken Fillet                 $3.75
  Grilled chicken breast served
  on the bread of your choice.

  Chicken Salad                $3.25
  Tender pieces of chicken
  on the bread of your choice.

  Tuna Salad                     $3.25
  You will never find Charlie
  in our tuna.

  Grilled Cheese               $2.75
  We will serve you the cheese
  of your choice.

  Ham Stack                      $3.50
  Thin sliced ham stacked high
  topped with America cheese
  served on a grilled Kaiser roll.

  Carved Roast Beef          $3.75
  Tender slices of beef carved
  from a top roast piled high on
  a Kaiser roll.

  Hot Roast Beef                $3.75
  Tender slices of beef covered
  in our beef gravy served
  on French bread.

Try our homemade soup
only $2.00

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  Reuben                         $3.75
  "No. 1 seller" Slices of corned
  beef topped with our special
  sauce of Sauer Kraut and 1000
  Island Dressing, served on
  Jewish Rye. Excellent!
  Swiss cheese.

  Strip District                 $3.75
  "If you can't get to Premanti's"
  Roast beef, hot sausage, ham
  or egg topped with sweet and
  sour coleslaw and fries with
  provolone cheese and tomato.

  Fish Fillet                      $4.50
  The biggest you've ever seen,
  golden fillet of fish laid out
  on a hoagie roll.

  Croissant Club              $3.75
  A warm flaky croissant sliced
  and filled with ham, turkey,
  Swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce
  and tomato.

  Hamburger                    $3.75
  You'll see the beef in ours.

  BLT                               $3.50
  There's more "B" in our BLT's.

  Gyro                              $3.50

  French Fries                    $1.25
  Onion rings                     $2.75
  Cheese Sticks                 $2.75
  Coleslaw                          $1.00
  Potato Salad                    $1.25
  Garden Salad                   $3.00
*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs
may increase your risk of foodbourne illness.
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